Bill Hatcher is no stranger to remote places. With camera in hand he has explored the world's wildest regions photographing climbers, skiers, kayakers, and mountain bikers. " Knowing how to shoot a photo is just the beginning" says Bill, who has been shooting photos for 20 years. " Equally important are my skills as a climber, skier and boater. The ability to move quickly and safely in rough terrain lets me stay close to the action and that's where the best photos are made".
One of Bill's most difficult photo shoots was his first visit to the Himalayas. "The Nameless Tower expedition tested all of my skills as a photographer and mountaineer plus I was working above19,000 feet. The biggest challenge was staying healthy so I would be able to shoot every day." His dedication paid off netting him the cover of the April 1996 National Geographic magazine.
Bill's photography has appeared in numerous US and overseas publications as well as on over 40 magazine covers. His most recent work for National Geographic can be found in the July 2000 issue.

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