The following galleries represent a photographic documentary of
the climbing life of Todd Skinner. We will be adding new galleries frequently which will contain photos from the best adventure photographers in the world.  Many of the images contained within this site have never been published.

Click on the links listed below and enjoy the photos.

Click to EnterAratitiyope, Venezuela
Photographers: Rick Ridgeway, Monique Dalmasso, and Paul Sharpe
30 Images

Amazonia Gallery
Click to EnterHa Long Bay, Vietnam
Photographer: Beth Wald

49 Images

Ha Long Bay Gallery

Ulamertorsuaq, Greenland
Photographers: Bobby Model, Peter Malamo
76 Images

Valhalla, Greenland

Click to EnterNameless Tower, Pakistan
Photographer: Bill Hatcher

107 Images

Trango Tower Gallery


Click to EnterKaga Pamari, Mali Africa
Photographer: Bobby Model
60 Images

The Hand of Fatima

Click to EnterThe Salathe Wall, Yosemite, National Park
Photographer: Bill Hatcher
51 Images

Free Salathe

Half Dome , Yosemite National Park
Photographer:Galen Rowell
48 Images

Half Dome Gallery

Galen RowellMount Hooker , Wyoming USA
Photographer:Galen Rowell
40 Images

Mount Hooker Gallery

Cirque of the Unclimbables, Canada
Photographer: Galen Rowell
42 Images

Great Canadian Knife