Kaga Pamari or The Hand of Fatima rises 2000 feet above the sub-Sahara plans of Mali, Africa. In December 1996, climbers Todd Skinner, Paul Piana, Bill Hatcher (USA), Scott Milton (Canada), Andy deKlerk and Ed February (South Africa) headed to Mali to free climb The Hand of Fatima. Photographer Bobby Model and filmmaker Peter Mallamo (USA) documented the trip with film and video.

The towers of rock were named for Fatima, who lived from 606 till 632. She was the favorite daughter of Mohammed, the famed Arab prophet and founder of Islam. She was the moon goddess in pre-Islamic Arabia. Her name means The Creatress. She was also known as Source Of The Sun, Tree Of Paradise, the Moon, and Fate. She existed from the beginning of the material world.

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