During the summer of 1998 a climbing expedition from Wyoming headed to Greenland to free climb a towering 3800 foot wall of granite the native people called Ulamertorsuaq. Ulamertorsuaq [pr: oo-lamb-er-torso-wack], is located in the southern coastal region of Greenland. For most of the year, the area is bathed in darkness and brutal cold. For a few short months, however, the polar summer brings an abundance of relative warmth, light and opportunity. It was during this time that Todd Skinner, Paul Piana, Mike Lilygren, Steve Bechtel, Jeff Bechtel, photographer Bobby Model, and filmmaker Peter Mallamo arrived to climb in the region known as Valhalla. What they found were granite walls larger than Yosemite's El Capitan, excellent rock quality, and a shared experience that getting to the top is only part of the journey.

To purchase the climbing movie from this trip, please go to Adventure Video.

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